METROPLASTIQUE is bound by contract with La Poste. All packages are shipped via their services.

<> Shipping costs are calculated according to the weight and destination, it is automatically added when validating your shopping cart, and included in the total price to pay for your order.  

<> The product will be delivered by La Poste in «Colissimo» with a tracking number for France. Europeen and international order will be delivery with «Colissimo International» (also with a tracking number).

<> When we received your order, the delays are :

    . 2-7 days for France

    . 4-10 days for Europe and the rest of the world.

The delays are given by la Poste. The delays are average delays and correspond to the processing, preparation and shipping time (exit of warehouses). All the announced delays for delivery are calculated in working days.  

<> The product will be delivered to the address provided by the buyer in the order form. In the event of absence the package is deposited at the post office during 15 days of authority. If the package is not removed by the customer beyond this time, it is turned over to METROPLASTIQUE.

If you want the package again, the shipping cost will be at your charge.

<> METROPLASTIQUE agrees to complete the Order within thirty days from the day following the Order validation. Exceeding the shipping delay may result in a cancellation of the order as long as the order is not shipped from our warehouses.

To do so, simply contact our Customer Service :

In case you receive the package: refuse it and ask for a refund of your order from our Customer Service. As soon as we have confirmation that your package is returned, we will refund within 15 days. (see ARTICLE 5 -  RETURN in GENERAL TERMS OF SALE).

The products always travel at the risks of buyer. In the event of delay, damage or lack of product, you should complain against the shipping company or to make the necessary reserves to allow such remedies.

METROPLASTIQUE will not incur any responsibility beyond its involved control in the delivery of a product or to its state at the time of delivery.